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Welcome to the Digital Airport Initiative Wiki.




View This Short Video:Akron-Canton Airport Akron-Canton DigitalAirport


View This Short Video:Hopkins Airport Hopkins DigitalAirport


For full screen, click on retangle under right corner of screen

This video is an example of Community Collaboration

  • Edited by: MindGrab Media (formerly IQ-Digital) produced the video
  • Graphic Design: Boondock Walker
  • Content supplied by:
  • Vocon Design supplied graphic renderings
  • BMI supplied footage of the airport
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland & Team NEO Supplied footage and images


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Podcast: BarbaraSissOneyInterview




Dynamic Regional Marketing System


With Ultra High-Speed Broadband Digital Technology


promoting everything Northeast Ohio!


Our Regional Gateway

Our Airports are our communities' front door. It is the gateway to all of Northeast Ohio. The Digital Airport Initiative (DAI) is a regionally-based Northeast Ohio business collaboration designed to educate and inform travelers about all that the region has to offer. The Initiative is proposing that it install multiple screens within the airline waiting areas that would present short video programming on everything Northeast Ohio (business, research, industries, investments, colleges, universities, neighborhoods, arts and culture). This is self-funded through sponsored media and synergy advertising.


Collaborators included in the proposal Great Lakes Publishing, EDR Media, OneCommunity, Boondock Walker and Mindgrab Media (formerlyIQ-Digital). The Initiative is headed up by Barbara Siss Oney, former Chief Marketing Officer of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau of Greater Cleveland and Chief Marketing Officer of CMO To/Go.


Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones, “DAI intends to revolutionize the marketing of Northeast Ohio’s assets and attractions to air travelers, airline staff and other airport users….DAI will demonstrate that the City of Cleveland is visitor-friendly and highly adept at deploying the latest digital technology in public places for the benefit of all.”



Paul Clark, President, National City Bank, "The Digital Airport Initiative delivers an extremely exciting opportunity for our airport and for our community. It is a sound plan built on reasonable expectations. The plan provides a financially viable means of wiring the airport with regionally-based content and advertising. This could both support the advancement of the airport as well as our community at large."



Tom Sudow, Director, Beachwood Chamber of Commerce, “The Digital Airport Initiative will change impressions of Cleveland. The Digital Airport will assist in bringing money into this region. The Digital Airport will revolutionize how Cleveland is perceived,”



Dennis Roche, President, Convention and Visitors Bureau, “We know how stretched the airport has been in meeting all of the security upgrades required. There have been few financial resources for keeping the “Gateway” to Cleveland up-to-date. The more we are able to communicate the rich mix of assets our region has to offer the greater our ability will be to attract people to visit here, do business here and even move here.”



Why is this Important?

The Digital Airport Initiative provides self-funded, sustainable marketing for the region...

and the potential for incremental, on-going revenues to compliment our Region's Cleveland Plus efforts.


1. To compete for business growth and tourism we MUST market what we have to offer. We are way below our competitive set in overall marketing budget.


2. The newly formed Cleveland Plus has a projected total annual budget of $3.5 million. Of this, $2 million is being raised annually through donations for only three-years.


3. Compare this to a few other Convention and Visitor Bureau-only budgets. We still aren't beating Louisville!

Philadelphia: $6 million

Detroit: $5.2 million

Pittsburg: $4 million

Louisville: $3.7 million


Cleveland Plus: $3.5 (2008-2010, $2 mill, 3-year commitment)

$1.5 (CVB and Team Neo only)


Win-Win-Win for the airport, its city's and region


DAI delivers to its regional airports a powerful regional voice that it could not institute, manage or afford on its own. It is a voice that only the region can provide, one that no outside entity can deliver. In the final analysis, DAI will provide an important tool to our region’s on-going economic growth and prosperity.


What's Next:

Akron-Canton is exploring bringing DAI into it's airport.


Clear Channel/InterSpace Win Bid

In February, 2007 Clear Channel/InterSpace won a 10-year contract for the Airport Terminal Ad-sales Concession. They have been given rights to all the space inside Hopkins International Airport, except for the airline waiting areas for the purpose of advertising and signage. In the past the space was sold primarily to "national" advertisers as part of a media network of airports. Remnant space was provided for our own regionally-based advertisers. See Press Release at www.clevelandairport.com.


The airport declined to award space to DAI. Subsequently, Continental expressed interest in having the system in it's waiting areas. However, the airport has insisted that DAI subcontract with Clear Channel to gain access to the airline waiting areas. This means, Clear Channel will decide if our publicly-owned facility will be able to have a regionally-owned communication system promoting everything Northeast Ohio within Continental's holding areas - a space Clear Channel contractually has no rights to.


A few points of note regarding Hopkins Airport:

Hopkins Airport continues to denie access for this community initiative siting their Clear Channel deal, even thought -


Clear Channel has a "non-exclusive" agreement with the airport


Continental, who has interest in having the system in its waiting areas - contractually has the right to install the system - but the airport must give them the OK to proceed.


Clear Channel's contract expressly "excludes" the airline waiting areas from their advertising space since this is essentially "owned" by the airlines through their lease agreements.


DAI has reached out to Clear Channel but, as yet has no indication of their interest in partnering.


DAI has always communicated that they saw a Clear Channel/DAI relationship as complimentary and synergistic. The organizations provide very different offerings and have the potential to draw upon different marketing revenues. DAI is looking forward to developing a positive, supportive relationship with Clear Channel.



We welcome your support and suggestions in our effort to move this Regional Initiative forward. DAI provides a Win-Win-Win to all parties. Let's not let old thinking get in the way of progress.


Barbara Oney, 216-288-4442





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